These vibrant flashes of colour will brighten your garden on dark winter days. In spring they will enhance your plants and flowers as they begin to appear. They remind you that summer, and its glorious colour displays will happen shortly.

And they require no water, no fertilizer, no pruning and no critter protection! Just buy a stick at your local nursery or hardware store, drive it into the ground and drop the flash onto the end of the stick.

Viola! Instant beauty that will last indefinitely.

Made from an assortment of stained glass, assembled into flash strips and then fused in a glass kiln, these are unique and individual. No two colour combinations are alike. Primary groupings are:

Hot - mainly red, orange, pink and yellow.

Cool – mainly blues and greens

Pastel – mainly lavender, mauves, purple

2 ½” by 14" Cost: $29.50

2 ½” by 10” Cost: $24.50

Shipping: Depends on quantity/weight.

Garden Flash Sticks

Pastel Flash Sticks

Hot Flash Sticks

Cool Flash Sticks

Mixed Flash Sticks

These colorful Flash Sticks will give your garden instant beauty that will last indefinitely.