With fused glass work I created my vision in glass, fired the piece and was delighted to discover beautiful and exciting additional depth to the work when I lifted it from the kiln.

Over the years I have developed my passion for designs with clean lines and simple elements. No two pieces are alike; each takes time and careful consideration before being created

The process requires cutting specific pieces of glass to shape and fitting them together to create the design. The pieces are often stacked two or three layers thick. The assembled piece is then placed in a kiln and fired to approx 1500 degrees. At this temperature the separate pieces of glass melt and fuse together. Once the piece has slowly cooled to room temperature, it will be kiln-fired on a ceramic mold to slump it into its final shape.

There is a freedom to using glass in this way. No heavy lead design lines, no constraints on glass cutting, no laboring for weeks to create a vision. The freedom allows for a creative excitement. If I can visualize the piece, often I can hold it in my hands in a few days.

Most of my work can be found in private collections across the country. If you are interested in hand crafted items such as bowls, platters and tiles please contact me.

Bowls & Plates

The first time I lifted the lid of my kiln and saw the sparkling fused glass bowl I knew I'd wandered into a whole new way of working with glass.

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